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Professional Topographical, Land and Measured Building Surveyors in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and London

For more than 20 years’, we have been providing measured building, land and topographical surveys for architects, developers and homeowners alike.

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Welcome to MIC Surveys Ltd

MIC Surveys Ltd is a team of highly experienced, professional and fully accredited surveyors based in London and Reading, working across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex and Greater London.

We have more than 20-years of experience in the survey industry, are fully qualified with Land Surveying Degrees and use the latest technology to perform efficient and low-cost surveys. We work on creating a bespoke service for architects, developers and private owners for their residential and commercial structures across sites in the United Kingdom.

Setting Out Engineering

If you need the help of a setting out engineer for a proposed project, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Topographical Surveys

We use the latest technology to gather data about the man-made and natural features of the terrain you want to build on.

Measured Building Surveys

If you are thinking about redeveloping, redesigning, or extending your property then you are going to need a measured building survey.

Drone Surveys

MIC Surveys Ltd can undertake drone surveys, which ensures you get accurate material calculations for your project.

Welcome to MIC Surveys Ltd

“I’m Maciej, the founder and director of MIC Surveys Limited. I’m originally from South Africa, but now based in the UK. After completing my BSc in Land Surveying from the University of KwaZulu Natal, I obtained a National Diploma in Surveying from Pretoria Technikon. Since then, I’ve been surveying for 20-years and in 2019 I established MIC Surveys Ltd. With decades of experience working on a variety of commercial and residential construction sites, MIC Surveys deliver an accurate, customer-focused service, whatever your surveying or engineering needs may be. We’ve worked with a wide range of clients on sites, land and buildings of varying sizes and types. We’ll bring this expertise to your projects, ensuring you can safely design, build and maintain your sites and structures. Our work is fully insured with Professional Indemnity of £1 million.”

Save money

Highly specialised surveying services at reassuringly competitive prices.

As MIC Surveys Ltd is a smaller business, our overheads are much lower than larger firms, this enables us to change our clients at much lower rates due to this cost saving.
More than


Years of experience
All our work is RICS standard compliant
Domestic and commercial work welcome
1 million of Professional Indemnity Insurance cover on all work undertaken by MIC Surveys Ltd

Our Clients Voice Their Opinion

Maciej did a really quick and efficient job of measuring a two-storey maisonette for us. Plenty of additional levels of information provided for the external areas and adjacent building heights etc. Will definitely use him again.”

– John Barrowman, Google review

What is a Topographical Survey?

A Topographical Survey is the measurement of all natural and manmade features with levels of a defined area, this is done by a Total Station or a GPS. All the features are plotted onto a plan, and this plan is used by designers, architects or developers to plan new buildings, roads, extensions and anything new.

What is a Measured Building Survey?
A Measured Building Survey is the measurement of a building’s inside and outside, producing floor plans, elevations, sections and a garden plan. The plans are used to apply for planning extension of houses and for architects to be able to design accurate extension plans, remodelling houses and redesign gardens.
Are the Quotes Free?

Yes, all our quotes are free and non-obligatory.

What is the Difference Between a Building Survey and a Measured Building Survey?

There is a big difference here. A building surveyor normally only comes to your house for quick look around to check the value and structural soundness of your building. We do not offer this inspection service. What we do is come to your house and take measurements in every room and exterior to provide high detail drawings of floor plans, elevations, sections, exterior boundaries and with level. These drawings are used for planning extensions, rebuilding or renovating houses.

How is the Quote Determined for your Survey?
Let’s start with what has no effect on the cost of the survey, the location of your property and the distance to the survey company will not get you a cheaper quote if you use a local survey company. In this business all survey companies travel very far to do their work.

The biggest saving you can make is by using smaller companies as they do not have high running cost due to having multiple owners and abundant non production staff, which will be added to your personal quote.

Plus, big survey companies have massive back logs in their work, so you will be lucky if they start surveying your house in 2 to 3 weeks times and it will take another 2 weeks to draw your house. Choosing a small business will ensure fair and lower quotes, faster start and turnaround time. It will be the cleverest thing to do.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Laser Scanner?
The advantages are that it takes a little less time to measure a property and you can use less experience scanning workers which benefits the survey company and not their client.

The main disadvantage is which no company will reveal, it is much more costly due to the expensive equipment, expensive software and a lot of time in the office to process, extract data and start the drawings, so again no benefit to the client as you will just have to pay double for what it cost to use a total station.

What Determines the Accuracy and Quality of a Measured Building Survey of your Property?
At the end of the day the person or team that is send to measure your property will determine how accurate and how correct your drawing will be produced. What is the point of using a large company that will over charge you and send you a “surveyor” who has a few months experience. These “surveyors” the company sends have no qualifiction, little to no experiance and all they know is which button to push on thier instrument. So large companies hide behind their accreditation and their “accumulated sum experience” charge you extra for that, but send you a low paid inexperienced “surveyor” to do the work and another low paid inexperienced draftsman to draw your plans.

When you choose a small company that has a fully qualified director with many years of experience doing all the measurements and drawing, you can expect the best quality and accuracy of your work, plus you will get charged about half the amount a large comply will charge you for the same amount of work.

How Much Work Does MIC Surveys Do per Year?

We at MIC Surveys do about 90 projects per year, and we are going to be running for 5 years.

In the 5 years we never had any problems with any of our work, only that our client saved a lot of money choosing us and we have lot of repeat clients that use us at a regular bases.

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