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Qualified Surveyors For Well-Designed Floor Plans In Reading and London

Having a floor survey is beneficial for numerous applications, including during construction projects, interior design, or simply making better use of your space.

Analysing the available floor space is a key part of space planning. Our team can help you create accurate floor plans along with identifying possible layouts and maximising the space you have available.

We regularly work with clients in and around Reading who need measured building surveys, which include creating effective floor plans. No matter if it’s an office, retail space or hospitality venue, our floor plan surveyors can enhance your project.

Improve the design and renovation of your building.

Whether you’re undertaking an interior design project or renovating an existing space, MIC Surveys Limited can create detailed floor plans. These will help designers, architects, and contractors visualise and execute their ideas effectively, ensuring that the design concept aligns with the physical space available.

Meet the latest compliance and regulations in the UK.

We are also highly knowledgeable when it comes to regulations, and industry standards. Our work includes ensuring that your floor plans meet the necessary legal and safety requirements. Our conveyors can also identify any potential issues or modifications needed to bring your space into compliance with relevant regulations. We have decades of experience working in both the commercial and residential construction sites across the UK.

Optimise your operations or make the most of their available space.

It’s our job to provide the most valuable insights regarding your building. That includes assessing the way the space is being used, identifying areas of improvement, and proposing alternative layouts or reconfiguration strategies. All of this can improve your workflow and encourage greater collaboration between staff.

Along with floor plans, our surveyors also cover elevations and building cross sections.

We have the skills and expertise to accurately measure and record spaces. During this process, we use the latest technology to ensure the most precise measurements. By hiring our surveyors, you can save significant time and hassle compared to trying to carry out a survey and measure the space yourself.

We collaborate with you to achieve the best results.

Our floor survey planners can work closely with anyone involved in your project, including architects, designers, engineers, and contractors. If needed, we can act as a liaison between various stakeholders, so that everybody is kept in the loop. This helps streamline the workflow and reduce the risk of errors or crossed wires during the construction or renovation process.

Where are we located?

Based in Reading and London itself, MIC Surveys Limited can also work with those who need a survey within a tight timeframe. Our services also include topographical surveys, drone surveys and setting out engineering. If you need a floor plan surveyor in Reading, Berkshire, simply contact us for more information.